A great site for disease information and allergies/drug side effects. It contains studies on almost any drug or supplement on the market today. Also has a breakdown of almost all known diseases and their symptoms. Take a look at their fitness and general health articles as well. We use this as a reference whenever we get a new supplement to test out.



Independent lab that primarily tests supplements for contaminants and nutritional content. Has detailed lab reports on most of the popular supplements.  They have an encyclopedia on the most commonly used natural and alternative treatments. This is a good site to check for allergen warnings and supplement recalls. Membership is not free unfortunately. It will cost you about 2.50 a month but the information is well worth it.



Massive repository of clinical trials and bio medical studies. Useful primarily for research purposes.



Possibly the best alternative health site on the net. Has thousands of articles on detox, raw food, superfoods, supplements, and more.