Thank you for visiting the about page!

This is my site for "health nuts" or people who want to learn more about supplementation and health. When I first started researching about supplementation, I was totally confused as I had no idea the amount of variety and sheer volume of supplements that were on the market. Like many of you, I turned to the Internet for my answers. I was instantly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of reviews and product information that was available. It was scattered all over the place, and since there is so much competition in the supplement market, you were never sure if the information was reliable. Mostly what I found were lots of Youtube videos and other sites with peoples opinions.

Opinions are important, but I needed cold hard facts. I wanted something that would lay out all the benefits in an easy to read format, with comparisons like price, potency, and company rating/QC rating. That's why I've set out to make a site that does just that - the ultimate guide to health and supplements.

Because I am someone who is always looking for the latest and greatest health information, I have spent many hours researching and analyzing the various causes of diseases and how you can protect yourself from them. I have learned a great deal about which supplements to use for certain conditions and which brands are superior. I will also try and share some of my own experiences with certain remedies I have tried personally and are known to be effective.

I have created this website to provide information in an easy to digest format so you can make an informed decision to decide which supplement is right for you. Maybe you can treat a certain condition and even eliminate an expensive pharmaceutical medication you are taking? Or maybe you are just an athlete looking to get that little extra boost? If so, I hope this website will be of help to you.